Fortune and Cookies

I have always been so intrigued by these woman who manage to juggle high flying careers with children. The energy levels that these women have (and I have a few friends in that category) that allows them to accomplish 40-50 hour weeks along with preparing 7 days worth of Dinner on a Sunday night and the ability to find a clean pair of underwear in the drawer is fabulous and I admire them greatly for it.

Sadly, its is not for me, I attempted returning to work but found more than anything, I missed my son. Even on the days when he would drive me to distraction with his never ending questions and rough housing inside on freshly mopped wooden floors with the dog, I knew that I would still rather be there then anywhere else (well maybe not anywhere else, Bora Bora perhaps).

I found myself wanting to raise my own son, wanted to be the person he turned to for his numerous! questions, and yes, have the time to cook him his meals, do the school pick up and drop off and partake in anything he wanted to do for the day, and the office would not allow me to do that. But obviously one cannot send there kids to the schools they want, buy food, and even put petrol in the car to go and do these activities if there is no money coming in.

Therein lay the problem.

I had looked into running my own business, but honestly never felt confident enough, I was never a great achiever at school and even after my years of theatre, did not feel confident in voicing my owns opinions, and as a young mum with no formal education I had always felt like I didnt have alot to bring to the table.

As my sweetheart of a Husband toiled away working 12 hour days, I sat on my ass and thought, ALOT. I thought about what I wanted out of life, how I wanted to raise my son, what I considered important, my relationship with Jess (sweet husband), where I wanted to be when in 10/20/30 years and how I wanted to get there.

These questions were all easily answered, except the last one.

I had no massive passions, no major talent, no lightening bolt moment during my teens telling me this was what I was born for, I knew how I wanted to live but not how to get there.

A friend had started working from home, purely making money online, he loved it, had the ability to work when he wanted, where he wanted and how he wanted, every time I saw him he was so laid back, such an easy going guy, and more than willing to help his friends out in a time of need.

I had meet him for coffee on numerous occasions and after hours of discussion and a bit of mentoring, I thought maybe it was something I could do, seeing as I enjoyed socializing and spent time on Social Media sites anyway.

I truly believe that big changes start in the smallest of places, changing ones mindset just a little bit each day to help you believe in the person you want to be is the key to big changes over all.

Starting this blog, is going to be a way for me to document my ups and downs as I take on the World Wide Web and learn all I can about generating wealth from home one small step at a time, and maybe by doing this it will help other people out there take the time to look inwards and form a bit of self belief and think that they can have it all with a little bit of organisation and alot of passion too.

I have given myself a 90 Day Challenge to turn my life around, to have replaced my working income with an At home income whilst still juggling Parenthood and spending quality time with Jess, right now as I type I have my son next to me chatting away about how “backflips are the most important thing ever”, and this cements how I want to work, there is no office job which would think this was OK, but for me, it would not be OK to miss out on  a conversation about backflips.

Time to wind up now as its getting close to teeth brushing and toilet time (not for me, for my son), but come 7:30pm when he is fast asleep I can choose to do some more work if the mood takes me or just relax after signing off on all this Motherhood, in other words my time is my own and I can use it how I wish and not answer to anyone.

I can build my Fortune or bake some Cookies.







~ by Sam on April 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Fortune and Cookies”

  1. So proud of you missy!! How often will you be writing?

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