I wish it grew on trees..

Obviously now that I am not working, the budget is a wee bit tight.

I am lucky enough to have a supportive husband that was raised by a wonderful woman who seems to have instilled in him that anything is achievable. He is constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas to change our situation and is a solid rock for me to lean on.

Because of this, I find I want to work twice as hard to make this happen, when someone is so willing to support you in your dreams it honestly takes half the work away.

But as it stand right now we are back to being a single income family, so the belts are being tightened.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m a bit slack with money, we have a budget that we try to stick to but on most occasions we always seem to come up short,  as my hubby is a contractor our cashflow fluctuates week to week, if something happened to him I have no idea what we would do.

So we have decided to document every bit of money we spend/transfer/withdraw over the next few week to see where most of its going. I’m sure I will be horrified, its going to be like coming upon a car crash and not being able to look away. Continually cringing when summing up our spending habits over a period of time.

But it has to be done.

If we don’t master the art of money management now, how will we be able to manage it when we start generating massive amounts of wealth? I shudder to think.

I don’t want to have to live on a budget  (who does?) but if we don’t do it now nothing is going to change.

And with the enthusiasm and passion I have for my family and I to make a conscious effort to change our future and be able to live the life we want to, I need to have a certain amount of knowledge about money management.

Money may not be able to grow on trees, but I sure am going to make it seem like it does 🙂

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~ by Sam on April 6, 2012.

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