Home is where the Heart is

My Husband and I took a trip to Japan about a month ago. Before we had Jett we both worked on Superyachts, we spent a lot of time going to places in Australia and the South Pacific that other people spent thousands of dollars to visit. Needless to say once Jett was born, this lifestyle stopped, we didn’t have the extra money to be able to afford to go overseas as a family or just the two of us. But this year, for Jess’ 30th we made the effort, Jett went to stay with his Grandparents in New Zealand and we went to Osaka for a week, as a real life couple! as Sam and Jess! as in, coming and going as we please, restaurants, sleep ins, temples, shrines, adult conversations, lingering over a drink for as long as we like because we can and even going off and doing our own thing. It was bliss. I found that week did wonders, our relationship has always been good, we are both communicators and we don’t fight (thought there is the odd awkward silence) but we still found ourselves in a rut on occasion, being in the same house physically but not emotionally the weeks just seemed to slip by, you would realize that it had been days since you had had a kiss or talked about something other than parenting or work, but that week in Osaka I had the luck of falling in love all over again. I highly recommend it. I was lucky enough to be reminded of all the things that stirred my heart when we first met, and really take note of the changes in him over the last 5 years, his own personal growth and the efforts he has made to continually improve himself as a Dad and Partner, and yes even the extra few smile lines around the eyes. Seeing as at the time I was doing a bit of soul searching on life, this was a great thing to happen. It cemented in even further the fact that no matter what happened I wanted us to be a team and that regardless of the faults we both have I wanted to grow old with this person. And this is a relief seeing as its easier to create wealth if you stay married, otherwise we would just have to divide everything in two, go on our own way and start all over again. I think a solid relationship is a core ingredient to success, the idea of having to deal with all the external stresses of life, i.e work, money, mortgage, and then come home to an unhappy relationship is awful. Your home is meant to be your sanctuary, filled with the people who will support you, love you and listen to you. If you are unhappy at work, stressing about money and then find yourself dreading the thought of home, where do you turn to? So I recommend everyone goes to Japan! haha no, I know that’s not possible for everyone, but what I mean is I recommend everyone to take the time to remember the little the things that made their heart beat faster and a smile to spread across their face. To look at their loved ones and list all the things they love and respect about them. Because a little reminder about why you want to grow old with them and no one else can’t hurt. relationships, marriage communication


~ by Sam on April 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Home is where the Heart is”

  1. Sammy – you should really be a writer.

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