Kids + Chocolate = ?

Its been a funny weekend.

You would think with all the parental attention, Jett would of been super happy, but it really wasn’t the case.

He’s been treating it like Christmas, counting down the days to the Easter Egg Hunt, he woke up super early on the Saturday morning and refused to go back to sleep seeing as the sun was just coming over the horizon, obviously the hunt wasn’t until Sunday but we gave him an egg on the Saturday as a treat. And man oh man Saturday was hard work, between the sugar high from the chocolate and the early start to the the day, 7pm could not come fast enough! (too be honest we didn’t even wait for 7pm, 6:30pm was close enough).

And he really didn’t have that much chocolate at all, but it was enough for him to become moody, agitated, have a sore tummy(even after telling him if he ate too much he would feel sick) and be really temperamental.

He wouldn’t listen, would get angry and yell or just whinge and cry at the drop of a hat.

Jess and I really believe in communication for our relationship, so naturally we believe it is vital for our relationship with Jett, we really try talking with him before time out etc, but it seemed it was going in one ear and out the other, it got to the point where all we could do was take all his toys out of his room, put him in there on his own with a cup of water and some books and keep him in there until he had chilled out.

Jett doesn’t get much sugar on a daily basis, mainly from yogurt, fruit or homemade ice cream, and this weekend made me realize why we don’t give it to him much, he was hard work. Of course he gets the odd treat, but Easter is a crazy time of year what with the amount of chocolate that lines the supermarket shelves, you cant get away from it!.

And its a bit sad in a way, its like we are basically saying that its ok to binge eat, and encouraging Obesity and Diabetes.

Yes its ok to have chocolate, but everything in moderation. I don’t mind Jett eating a few Easter Eggs, but he needs to know how to self regulate and I would rather take the time now to teach him self responsibility, and have him learn to listen to his body when its had enough, so he has a positive relationship with food and life.

I try to minimize the amount of chocolate he gets by decorating my own eggs for him to find instead of chocolate so he only gets something right at the end, but still its more than usual. And after Saturdays fiasco I really didn’t want a repeat on Sunday.

So come Sunday morning, a big 12 hour sleep the night before had him waking up on the right side of the bed, and not allowing him to do the hunt until after he had a breakfast of poached eggs seemed to help, by the time he got the stash he was full from breakfast so he wasn’t that inclined to eat very much. Once he had eaten some we popped the lead on the dog and went for a big walk around the Hinterland to help absorb the sugar, and he has been given a rule that for every egg he eats he must drink a cup of water. And it seems to be working!

As I am sitting on the couch he is happily playing with his trains, the basket of eggs is still full as he has decided that he wants to save some of them so he doesn’t get a sore tummy again, he is back to his kind, communicative self and he has been sharing eggs left right and center with everyone which truly impresses me as its chocolate and he’s 4. Actually right now we are the ones having some chocolate and he has opted for a bowl of grapes!.

It wont happen overnight, but I hope that he will learn to respect his body and what he puts into it.


~ by Sam on April 9, 2012.

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