The feeling of fear

So its week two of my 90 Day Challenge.

A lot of big things ahead this week to really get the ball rolling which I am excited about, but was also nervous about this morning.

I have started to work on my own Personal Development, reading a few books and making sure I have positive aspirations to repeat to myself (I even have many sheets of A4 paper stuck around my bathroom mirror so every time I go in there I can take the opportunity to read them) and passages in books to refer to. Every time I hear something that I think I can use I add it to my ever growing stockpile of positive points.

But the thing that I have the most trouble with is my self confidence, the fact that I know I have a habit of self sabotaging when I become afraid of the future.

Fear is a Universal thing, we all suffer from it in one form or another, its just how we choose to deal with it that differentiates.

My past view was to always face it head on, but this caused me to eventually freak out as the Mountain just seemed too big to climb and I was not strong enough to get there.

Lately I have been listening to a great guy (JT DeBolt) and he has a different take on it:

Don’t Face Fear, Avoid It.

I know, sounds odd doesn’t it, but it doesn’t mean to run in the other direction, far from it.

When we face fear we see the Mountain, we see the brick wall, when we continually put something off due to fear, the time we take dodging the situation doesn’t make us more knowledgeable or stronger it just decreases our confidence as we start to “what if” the situation, “what if I don’t get this?”, “what if this happens?”, what if that happens?”.

Fear is not a brick wall, its a backdrop, a facade. If you take the time to face your fear you are only half way there, the next step is to push that fear out of the way. When fear comes at you don’t give it a chance to look you in the eye, don’t even give it the chance to address you, just courageously and audaciously push it to the side and keep moving forward.

I found this was a great way for me to start this blog, I could of worried what people thought of my style of writing, my content etc but I chose not to even let those negative thoughts enter my head, I wrote from the heart as if I was talking to my best friend and pressed “publish”. I chose to write for me instead of “what if” the situation.

And I feel so blessed, with the beautiful comments I have received and the fact that my followers continue to build, this shows me that my fear was all in my head. That choosing to not even give fear a thought I followed through with something and pushed through my self sabotage.

So turn it upside down, Avoid fear, push past it, don’t let it bring you down, accomplish whatever it is you deeply desire, as JT DeBolt said “Fly high, Fly fast and Fly far”.

fly high defeat fear


~ by Sam on April 10, 2012.

7 Responses to “The feeling of fear”

  1. Great to see you are moving beyond your fear of posting. None of us can please everyone. I often refer to the quote,’What other people think of me is none of my business.’

    You write beautifully and it is from the heart.


  2. Sam I love a quote from Dr. Denis Waitly on fear; he says it’s an acronym… False Education Appearing Real… 🙂

  3. Hey Sam awesome post, another acronym I like about fear is

    Future Events Already Ruined…..

  4. This is great, good on you. You might find this inspiring too, follow this link to my website 🙂 Michelle

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