Media meltdown

So I felt I was charging ahead today, knee deep in website design and learning how to navigate through the backends of page building, fun stuff, no jokes, seeing your business slowly take form is a truly exciting thing.
As I danced from window to window copying things here, pasting them there, reveling in my domain domination, I hit the wrong window with the wrong link and caused my entire blog to be deactivated.
Luckily the lovely people at WordPress replied quickly to my frantic emails and Reactivated the site, but it brought home to me that there is no need to rush.
If I had taken my time and checked each page as I clicked into it I could of avoided a silly mistake that caused hours of extra work for nothing.
Now that my mini media meltdown has been righted, has anyone else got a story like this? Where if they had not gotten ahead of themselves, some error could of been avoided? 🙂
Sharing is caring and it can help us all learn from each other.


~ by Sam on April 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Media meltdown”

  1. Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of an ever expanding mind and home business. Maybe we overloaded you with a bit too much today He He. Glad you were able to get it all sorted.

  2. ha ha at least you knew what you did, when I have something go wrong I do it properly and usually have no idea what I did or how to fix it! Well done you 🙂 …although Im beginning to suspect that Haydns favourite Cars Online games websites are the perfect places for nasty people to plant viruses etc, as the line “somethings wrong with the #%&#%&$# computer again” line can be heard much more frequently these days! Tip: keep your kids away from your computer, get them their own cheapie!

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