5 Tips to Retrain your Mindset and be open to all Life has to Offer.

We all need to learn to tame the inner voice, to stop it always bringing us down. You may not realise you are doing it but even the smallest thought is like a seed and will continue to grow.

So we need to make sure we only plant positive seeds!

Below are 4 easy things to implement each day, I find the smallest change in a thought pattern can leave you feeling lighter, give you more confidence and start to give you an unwavering sense of self belief.

1. The next time a self limiting thought enters your head such as “I’l never be able to”, turn it into a strategy statement. Instead of “I will never get promoted”, say to yourself “I will get promoted when I take the lead on a new project and succed with it”

2.Learn to turn every complaint (yours or anyone else’s) into a question. Complaints are statements of defeat and come across as whining. Questions, on the other hand, put the power back in your hands by sending you in search of a solution. For example, if you catch yourself saying, ‘Everyone’s in a rotten mood today!’ (a complaint), turn it into the question, ‘What can I do to lighten things up?’

3.The ability to take risks is built on how you rebound from mistakes. The next time you trip up, notice what you say. Do you pummel yourself with insults: ‘Idiot! Why do you always do that?’ Stop right in the middle of your verbal self-abuse and pretend that you are talking to a good friend who had just made the same mistake. You’d say something like, ‘Hey, you did the best you could. Now, pick yourself up and try again. There is no shame in failing…only if you fail to try.’

4. If you want to be more open to adventure, growth and spontaneous fun, you’ll have to starve your brain critic and feed your inner confidence coach. Start each day with a self-affirming statement: ‘I’m smart,  Money continues to flow into my life from all directions’,’ or ‘I’m confident, competent, and full of energy.’ Give yourself compliments that pump up your sense of power. Remember, we are all bombarded every day with subtle and not-so-subtle messages of how ‘challenging’ (scary, dangerous, etc) things are. Defy them with your own inner dialogue of hope, confidence and strength.

5. Bring everything into the Present Tense. Instead of saying I will be wealthy or I will be patient or I will pay off my bills, tell yourself “I am properous, I am patient and I pay all my bills with ease”

Don’t continually push things into the future.

 ‘Be the Change you want to see’


~ by Sam on April 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “5 Tips to Retrain your Mindset and be open to all Life has to Offer.”

  1. Great words Sam; just the encouragement I need right now, timing couldnt be better. Now to turn it into action – the hardest part!!

  2. Great tips Sam
    Especially numbers 3 & 5. A very timely reminder for me. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Some excellent tips Sam.

    I especially like numbers 3 & 5. This post was a very timely reminder for me, thanks for sharing it.

    Cheers Beanie

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