Loving the Learning Curve

in house wealthSo its been a loooong day, but a good day. And I am still going with no intention of stopping yet.

Its funny how much more willing you are, to learn and implement so much, when, 1: you find something you LOVE doing, and 2: you know that everything you do only brings you closer to success.

So today I hit the Laptop about 7am and continued right through, stopped for a great lunch and a bit of networking with a Business down in Brisbane, then got straight back on and kept going.

As hideous as that may sound for some, I have found it thrilling! I have accomplished things which, 3months ago, I would of thought were way above my head. And its instant gratification, as I continue to work and publish new articles I can watch my followers growing as I add more content.

There has been a bit of a change in the house though, I find once I am on a roll its hard to stop, and Jess has been amazing, he has stepped up his help with the cooking, cleaning and child rearing. As he says “everything you do, you do for all of us” This makes it so much easier to be head down bum up while I get all the basic systems in place. Also its not forever, but, as in most things, a solid foundation is a solid start to success. Once all the automated systems are in place we will be able to change places again (if he wants haha) though in all fairness I did find the time to make a killer Apple Crumble and clean the bathrooms!

Also I received my first invitation to an event that’s not a kids birthday or has anything to do with me being an employee!

Today I received an invite from the publisher of a Sunshine Coast Magazine to attend a Book Launch!  its like being a real live big person 🙂

And luckily I am getting my hair done by The VIP Room (http://www.theviproom.co) the day before, so I shall be a glossier (less grey) version of me!

I think its amazing that when you make a conscious effort to really change your Mindset and start to think about things in a different way, so many possibilities can open up before us. And when you realize that no matter what happens you can recover from it, a whole new level of self confidence and self belief comes into play.

So back to some more training now, but I am stretched out on the couch, Laptop charged, Movie on, beverage within reach, Doggy at my feet and Husband at my side. I can’t complain 🙂





~ by Sam on April 15, 2012.

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