Why do we settle?

Why do we choose to tell ourselves that we have to be content with our lot in life?

I’m finding that as people find out about what I am doing the two main reactions are, 1.”That’s fantastic, how can I find out more?” or 2.Oh ok…. (Then they will proceed to tell me about all the things wrong with their life and finish with, but that’s life!”

No, it’s not life, that the life you have chosen to create for yourself. You could choose to create a new life, one full of possibilities where you choose to be happy, work toward financial freedom and create your own future.

It’s all a choice

Granted, for a lot of people it’s a scary choice, the unknown can be very scary to confront. When you work for someone you know where your next pay check is coming from and what is required of you in your job, if you’re in a relationship, even if it’s not pleasant, you know that relationship back to front and you know what it will be like when you walk through your front door.

But you are going through the motions, basically sleepwalking through life, because it’s your comfort zone, even if it’s not a happy comfort zone.

Doesn’t this seem silly? Don’t you think you deserve to work how you want? Earn whatever you want to earn? Be passionate about what you do? Feel fulfilled in life? Be in a loving caring relationship where you respect and communicate with one another?

We are deserving of all these things.

Yes our subconscious brain will fight us tooth and nail initially, because you have trained it to respond in a certain way to different situations. But you can change that, you can begin to plant new seeds, seeds of positivity, seeds of abundance, seeds of compassion, seeds of love, tend to them and help them grow every day.

Changing your mindset will give you the self-belief to say “I choose not to settle, I choose to give myself the best, I choose to be in a healthy relationship” and this will lead you to really start questioning what you are doing and where you are heading.

I was so scared when I looked at the person I was and where I was. Yes, I was in a fabulous relationship but was completely unfulfilled about my work and knew that:

1 .I didn’t want to do this forever.

2. At the rate I was going I was going to run out of money in retirement before I died.

3. The more I worked the more I was driven by the money and the dog eat dog world of sales, the more negative I became.

4. I would come home from work and be wound up and tense figuring out where my next commission would come from and what area I should target next to start digging up more potential sales.

5. Bringing my negative work attitude home with me caused me to be less patient with Jess and Jett.

Work was work. Stressful work. Unfulfilling work. Capped work.

And I was thinking, this was it, so I had better be grateful. How sad.

When I look at my son, I get an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness, he is such a joy (regardless of whether he has been naughty etc, it’s to be expected) but I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be and get excited about all the possibilities ahead for him, it’s the same with Jess (minus the naughty thing haha) I want this in all aspects of my life, I deserve this in all aspects of my life. We all do

The work I am doing now and the help I am able to provide to others, is so rewarding. I wake up every day, loving my husband my son and my work. I wake up happy, happy at the thought of being with people I care about and wondering whose life I can change for the better today. I now know that everything I do, I do for a better day each and every day.

Of course there will still be moments that will be difficult, moments with work, with my marriage, that’s to be expected. But I have the self-belief and correct tools to choose how I respond to different situations.

I know why I am doing what I am doing, I have purpose and passion.

We need to ask ourselves some hard questions, Are you happy? Is this where you envisioned yourself? If not, what is holding you back from changing the situation?

From these questions we may have some hard decisions to make, but we have been given the gift of life, so choose to LIVE.

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~ by Sam on April 17, 2012.

One Response to “Why do we settle?”

  1. HI Sam,
    Great Q. Why do we “settle” in life? I think that sometimes the words “it’s my lot” get confused with “acceptance”. There is a positive feeling attached to acceptance. There is a negative or numb feeling attached to settling.
    I know that I find it easy to creep from acceptance into settling, and I have to consistently rub up against my inner self, to keep my bubbling passions and purpose alive.
    Great post to ponder. Thanks Sam!
    K xx

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