Time to Snow Ball it

money for mums, careers with kidsSo things are really starting to pick up, leads are coming in now that the marketing is up and running, its really interesting finding out what is working best for me and my business.

I’m choosing to focus on You Tube as, since funds are tight this is a great bit of free advertising, and since they are owned by Google it cant hurt!

Finished off my first Official Video yesterday, got to bed about midnight so pleased with myself for accomplishing something that I thought would be quite difficult.

I had group training last night, and met a lot of new people in the group, I am just amazed at how supportive and kind everyone is, its a real community and it was just great being able to get constructive feedback I could use to make myself stand out more.

Talking with people that have been there and done that and become hugely successful is priceless, I am able to dodge alot of the mistakes they may have made and make In House Wealth sustainable, profitable and well received straight out of the gate.

This is exciting, the last few weeks have been the ground work and now its starting to pick up, I feel really confident that if I keep doing what I am doing I will get a snow ball effect.

So I will be hitting up You Tube with tutorials and video blogs to really get my name out there and help other people create there futures too!

Every day I wake up and think how different life is to a few months ago, how every day is better than the one before and continues to get better.

Living with so much hope, positivity and focus on the future has me living my future now. I am pulling everything into the present instead of having my past define who I am now and who I will be.

Live Positive Live Prosperous




~ by Sam on April 18, 2012.

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