On Wealth Creation and Washing

I seem to be losing my edge around the house.

I have been doing the general things to keep the place tidy but I have not been as pedantic as usual.

My priorities have definitely changed, for everyone that knows me, it’d been a standing joke for quite some time to refer to me as Monica from friends – I have always been a little bit OCD around the house, but I am putting in a lot of hours into this business, as I want it to be a success, and the fact that I can see results every day drives me to put in more effort, and I know that the more I do now, the less I do later. But it does mean that I am not performing to my usual obsessive standards around the house.

This is probably a good thing, my husband’s father owns a commercial cleaning company and even he likes to mock me when he visits.

I think Jett prefers it too as I don’t get so stressed when he comes running in covered in mud and Jess prefers it as I no longer make the beds on the weekend,. I’m a Wild Woman what can I say  🙂

Running an Online Business and working from home is definitely toning me down though and I no longer obsess about cleaning the bathrooms every day.

It’s also causing Jess and I to work as a team, if he gets home early from work he takes over at home so I can get work done without interruptions, we are able to work in smoothly with each other because we have a common goal. We are both working towards the same future, if I succeed, Jess succeeds and vice versa.

But it’s hard for me to let go, I can get so neurotic about how things get done round the house I have really had to make an effort to reign myself in and not get so concerned about having things done perfectly.

The fact that Jess is so willing to do so much round the house while I work on the Internet Marketing, and put together Presentations is such a blessing, I know many woman who would kill for that.

So I am working hard to stop myself feeling the need to get everything done on my own, telling myself that’s its ok to soften up round the edges and remember that I am so lucky to have a supportive husband who believes there is no such thing as a woman or mans role.

So while I work on creating us long term prosperity he can busy himself with sorting out the whites from the darks and I will try not to comment when he doesn’t hang out the clothes the way I would

Because the tables will continually turn and at some point I will be back on Washing while he keeps building out Wealth.

Teamwork, what a beautiful thing  🙂marriage has to be teamwork




~ by Sam on April 20, 2012.

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