A World Of Possibilities

money for mumsSo even if I do say so myself, today was a super exciting day!

I spent the morning fluffing about trying on outfit after outfit, throwing clothes around, trying to figure out what to wear to a photo shoot for a Business Magazine.

Corporate? Semi Corporate? Casual Corporate?

Poor Jess was bombarded with photo after photo of my countless outfits while he was at work, poor guy, took it on the chin and gave constructive feedback, What a Gem!

Once dressed it was breakfast, school lunches, coaxing Jett into his uniform and then trying to escape the house without the dog coming too.

I love dropping Jett off at school, he absolutely adores it and is always so excited to get there and see his friends, and there are a lot more fun things to do there than hang out with Mum every day. So seeing as we were a wee bit rushed getting out the door this morning I was forever grateful to him that he just gave me a kiss and ran off, seeing as I needed to get back on the road. We have been down the path of crying like his heart is breaking during the drop off, and I really don’t care to repeat it again. There is nothing more heartbreaking and it’s a cause of many guilt ridden mothers in the morning.

But back to the photo shoot, it went so well! I was a wee bit worried as I smile crooked when I get butterflies in my stomach, but the team were so lovely and made me feel so welcome it was a breeze!

I should know within the next week which Issue I will run in, but regardless of whether it’s this one or the next this is a huge step forward for me and my business. This Magazine goes around the entire Coast so it’s great exposure and it will really help people understand what I do and what I can do for them and their business.

I am treating myself to a Chai at my lovely local Shangai Sally’s in Peregian, the sun is warm the sky is blue, Jett is happy at school, Jess is knee deep in building shower screens and I am thinking about all the possibilities that are opening up for me and my family.

This started as a purely Online Business but I have already been approached to do Internet Marketing for brick and mortar businesses to launch them into Social Media, the possibilities are endless with what I am doing and the freedom of it makes it perfect.

Jess is also working on having a business that he can run from anywhere, he has spent the last 8 months or so working on a concept for a great Pearl Hire Business, he has finished all the legalities, insurance and pricing so it shouldn’t be long before we can launch it Online and again use all the benefits of Social Media Marketing to make it a Global hit. It’s such an awesome idea I can’t wait to be able to share more details with you.

I’m so excited to see how things will have changed a year from now, how these businesses will be going, I have no doubt they will be more Profitable than ever, when you love what you do and you believe in what you do there is no way you can fail. And I love my work so much that eventually I want to be able to use it to help charities build their Online Profiles and generate more sponsorship through Social Media, it will be great when I am ready to launch this aspect of it. I just need to generate more leads and followers and keep building myself into a brand.

School Pick up time is approaching, 6 hours always flies by (yet another reason why an office job just doesn’t work) and I really want to fit in a walk along the beach.

I hope your all loving your life and if not, have a chat with me about changing it so every day can be a super exciting day for you too!



~ by Sam on April 23, 2012.

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