The Growth Mindset

mental growthI watched a really interesting program last night that was on the best ways to educate our children, they talked about a Growth Mentality vs a Results Mentality.

Basically these Doctors and Scientists were saying that when children are raised with a Growth Mindset they understand that intelligence can be developed and that the focus should be on improvement rather than the results or how smart they are.  So in a nutshell, instead of telling children how smart they are praise them on the effort they put in, or acknowledge the challenge they set for themselves. Based on research done at Stanford University, the students that were raised with a Growth Mindset showed greater motivation in school, had better grades and higher test scores.

As opposed to a Results mindset where, if children came across something that ended up being quite difficult and giving up, those kids with a Growth mindset were more motivated to learn and exert effort, and outperformed those with a Results mindset.

These Growth Mindset kids had a higher Emotional Intelligence and performed better in every facet of life.

They understood that to achieve great things, effort must be put in.

And this made me think, why do we not think like this for ourselves? why do we get so hung up on the result?

If we spent more time praising ourselves for the effort and the focus, for the challenges we face regardless of the outcome, would we not be more inclined to work harder and aim higher and understand that there is a lesson in everything?

A Growth Mindset is not something only Children can benefit from, we as adults, need to recognize not only our achievements, but the effort/creativity/drive/pizazz we showed to achieve our goals.

I think if we all adopted a Growth Mindset we would believe we could accomplish anything we set our mind too, we would embrace challenges because we would realize that we could only get better by trying new things.

So we need to stop saying “I cant” practice the skills we have and keep trying new things. It may take time, but if we are consciously practising a Growth Mindset the more natural it will become we will achieve far more than we ever thought possible!




~ by Sam on April 24, 2012.

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