Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – has your Business adapted?

So they might both be Marketing, but there is a WORLD of difference between them

Where Customers used to respond to Traditional Marketing like TV, Radio, Email Blasts and Print Advertising, these techniques have become less effective because people have gotten so much better at blocking out these interruptions

Sure 10 years ago these techniques worked but these day people shop and learn in a whole new way, the Internet has made things possible we never dreamed of. As it stands right now Online Spending increases by 10-15% per year and in November 2011 we had the world record of 3 consecutive days of Online Spending over 1Billion dollars. Of course you want to be part of that!

We are finding products via Google, we are getting reviews through Blogs and 28% of us are checking with our Facebook and Twitter friends before we buy things. We want to connect instead of having products forced on us. Businesses need to open as many direct channels of communication as possible. We need to use Social Media to engage in conversation with our followers instead of using these platforms as a one way communication vehicle. Basically Businesses need to listen to their customers instead of talking AT them, and Social Media Marketing allows us to do this.

Whereas in Traditional Advertising a website was just another place to get a bit of information on a certain topic, these days Websites need to be Hubs, where instead of just trying to sell products they are a collaborative marketplace for your business.

But at the end of the day, no matter how great your website is and what you are saying about your company, it’s what others are saying about you. And this is where Social Media is great, it allows you to have sites outside of your main page where people can connect with you on a more personal level and get to know more about you and your products, focusing on these little outside communities will drive people back to your Main Site. So in a way, your Main Site is the Sun and all these little communities are Planets circling it and sending people towards the Sun.

Using Social Media you need to provide great content that your Customers need and will find useful to them, keep things interesting so people see you as a real Authority on your Product.

These days Marketing is about building long term relationships with people, and drawing them in to your community, instead of constantly interrupting them with information.

Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing are still the same in that you have to monitor your results. You will need to experiment with the different ways you reach your audience and find which works best for you and your company. Tracking your progress is a key way to making sure you are on the right track, there’s no point focusing all your energy on say, Blogging or Twitter if most of your leads are coming through You Tube.

The point of Social Media is to be Social, not sell. With Social Media Marketing you need to Market with Participation, engage with others that could complement your business, provide relevant content to your Followers and allow them to see you as a real person. By doing this you will draw people to you, and that what every Business wants!


~ by Sam on April 25, 2012.

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  1. I really liked your post.Much thanks again. Will read on…

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