Mental Health Days for your Mental Wellbeing

It’s a cold gloomy day on the Sunshine Coast

Personally I love it; sometimes there is nothing better than being curled up on the couch in your PJ’s with your baby next to you and the dog keeping your feet warm.

Me and my huni!!———- —-> sam farley

It’s like having a Mental Health day thrust on you and I for one think they are super important.

I feel so blessed knowing that I can work when I want, wearing whatever I like, but a lot of people work work work and can feel so guilty at the thought of taking a break, but it’s really important we pay attention to ourselves and the signs that say we are burning the candle at both ends.

Here are a few signs that maybe you need to look after the number 1 person in your life, YOU!

Have your sleep patterns changed? Are you struggling to get to sleep, stay asleep? When you have a disrupted sleep pattern this is a big sign that you may be suffering from stress and anxiety.

Have you got a short fuse with friends and family? Are you biting people’s heads off at the slightest comment? Or are you just feeling the need to cry at the drop of a hat? Hypersensitivity and making the people you love walk on eggshells around you may mean it’s time for you to take a Mental Health Day.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks are one of the most important signs to watch out for. Depression, and lack of interest in things we once loved and found enjoyable are also important. Stress is something we all deal with and if its left to eat away inside at us we could end up in hospital.

Taking a Mental Health Day doesn’t mean going mad shopping and running a muck, its important you take it seriously and use it to recuperate.

This may mean catching up on some much needed sleep, or just curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, most days we spend our time clock watching, running around answering calls and emails, it’s really important to do something peaceful where we won’t be disturbed by others.

If doing chores around the house will make you feel a little saner, go for it, you don’t have to just lie around on the couch, sometime’s restoring order to your surroundings will give you a sense of peace.

Or maybe, on your Mental Health Day it would be most beneficial for you to connect with important people, you may have been working so hard, working long hours and you haven’t had a chance to spend much time with your babies or your partner, sometimes just reconnecting with the people we love can be enough to regain your positive perspective on life.

Whatever you do, DON’T work on your Mental Health Day, turn off your cell, stay away from the laptop, and leave your work at the office, there is nothing that is so important you can’t have a few hours to yourself, and you may think that by being readily available to your boss and co-workers you are showing your worth and commitment but it defeats the purpose of taking time out for yourself, and you just postpone the inevitable crash, no one can go and go and go forever.

Don’t feel guilty, we all need to rest and recuperate at times, and your work will still be there tomorrow, but instead of a depressed, lethargic person showing up you will feel rested and energetic with a reinvigorated purpose.

Keep in mind if it’s work making you feel depressed, if you find you are bringing your work home with you and finding that its affecting your life in a negative way, then maybe you need to have a good look at what you are doing and see whether maybe it’s time for a change. There is nothing more depressing than turning up to a job you don’t like where you feel underappreciated or overworked.

On average, let’s say we begin work at 21 and finish work at 65, if we are working a 40hour a week job (not taking into account overtime which everyone does!) we will spend 91,250 hours working. So you may as well do something do you have a passion for!

I can take a Mental Health Day any time I feel like it, but doing what I do, I find no need to actively seek one out anymore.

Take your Mental Health Day, use it to reflect on your life, and you will get more out of it than your thought possible.


~ by Sam on April 26, 2012.

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