How to Create your First 3 Profitable Products From Scratch

how  to build a product from scratchMost online marketers I know that struggle to get their business off the ground using the internet, struggle with this ONE thing – Lead generation.

Generally they’re stuck getting between 0 and 15 leads per day, and working REALLY hard to get them, and …

You might be in the same boat, but don’t get to frustrated. It’s not your fault. It’s just no one has shown you how to properly apply “leverage” to your efforts

Once you get the right mindset on “leverage” you’ll find it’s just as easy if NOT easier to generate 100+ to 1000+ leads per day as it is to get a few, and ..

The difference this slight shift means to your business is absolutely life changing.

The biggest mystery to most home business entrepreneurs is how to create a profitable front end product if they’re not yet expert enough to say “I make a ton of dough and recruit like crazy.” The truth is you don’t have to be a big shot to create your first three profitable products.

So the first thing you need to understand & own is you don’t need to be the “Grand Puba” of marketing to create a product of value that people will happily pay you for.

The second thing is simply follow my lead through this stair step process, and . . .

The third thing we need to remember is that network marketers are concerned about three things only:

1. Getting more leads

2. Making more money

3. Recruiting without rejection

And that’s good! Because we can stair step our way to our first three products knowing this.

The first thing you do is get good at getting leads in one way or another. The easiest path is to choose a free method from the sales and persuasion standpoint. People love free and network marketing love leads. Putting the two together is like dynamite.

Document your success in getting leads and then one day do a free webinar and show a few people what you do and record it.

First product created.

Next, you create an irresistible offer sales video to sell that product. If you don’t know you can use my “Ultimate Video Sales And Recruiting Video Formula” here:

Then you get to selling.

Once you make sales you teach people how you did in your second product.

How? You do a free webinar for your now customers and record it. Simply walk them through your steps to profiting online and share fully and completely and you’re gold.

Create another irresistible sales video and you’ve got product number two in your funnel done.

Meanwhile back at the farm what you should be doing is calling your customers asking how you can be of further assistance. Share and help all that you can. Naturally they’ll ask you what you’re up to and . . .

If you so choose you can introduce them to your back-end opportunity.

What have you just now done?

Recruited without rejection.

Once you’ve got that process down pat guess what you do? You guessed it, hold another webinar for your customers and share with them your insights and strategies. Now if you want to get tricky, give them the opportunity to get your edited webinar recording for free in exchange for their feedback.

Now you’ve created testimonials too.

Sales video it up, and you’ve got three products in your funnel starting from scratch.

Anyone can do this, and so can you. So get to it!

P.S. I must admit it’s far easier and faster to master a skill when you’ve got mentor to guide you. So click on the link and let me help you guide you through the process

I wanna hear your ideas guys!!


~ by Sam on May 4, 2012.

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