Are you the Blue Fish or the Red Fish?

buck the trend internet businessIt’s a scary thing to buck the trend.

We get stuck in the routine of life, School, University, Work, Marriage, Kids, House in the burbs and the usual accumulation of debt. We book our Holidays on Credit Cards, in the limited time we have available off, and then we spend the next 6-9 months paying them off.

Does this sound normal? Yes. Does this sounds Fun? No

The thing is, there are not many people who, as they flow along with the Current of Life, surrounded by all these other people heading in the same direction, resolve to turn around and start swimming furiously in the other direction.

But the people, who do, reap the rewards later in life.

Would it not be amazing to live life the way you secretly dreamed? When we were children we were told we could accomplish anything. You said you wanted to be an Astronaut, and your parents encouraged you no matter how big your dreams were.

What happened? When did we start being told to be realistic, to choose to settle down, to go to Uni, to get a job that pays the bills?

When was that moment when our dreams stopped being tangible and started being flights of fancy?

And the circle continues to repeat, we now encourage our children to dream big and tell them they can do and be anything they want in life. When will we stop encouraging them to reach for the stars?

What are the dreams you have? I know that I choose to buck the trend; I choose not to have Instant Gratification now and reap the rewards further down the track.

Are those shoes so important you must buy them now? Is that box of beers really helping you be all you can be?

Why not choose to invest that money in your future now, so you can go to Italy in a year and buy Designer Goods, or drink Beer in Prague or Belgium?

Instant Gratification is just that, its Instant, the high will wear off quickly and you will be left with another hole that you will search to fill.

That hole can’t be filled with things, that hole is your Inner Voice crying out to you to stop thinking this is it, this is as good as life gets!

To be Successful and make the most of this world that is so full of riches and possibilities, you have to do the things now that most people won’t, to be able to live a life that most people cant.



~ by Sam on May 6, 2012.

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