You Reap what you Sow

Every day I see people giving up on there dreams.

Here’s how it happens . . .

They’ll join a new business and after 15 minutes of really hard work promoting it by sending out a few emails and not getting any response, they’ll start to say “It isn’t working.” Then they’ll buy information product after information product looking for the golden key to success. After skimming through the information and putting in a good two hour solid effort to see if it works, they say “It isn’t

Then they go off and buy an new golden ticket to freedom and income. They find a new business or they find a new info product that promises them the world and they always meet with the same results.

They put their brain to sleep after gorging on a meal of easy promises of riches and enter into a coma-like state of waiting for success to find them for an undetermined amount of time. When they wake up and see that making money online or in their network marketing actually takes effort, they aren’t having it.

They look for another meal filled with easy promises of riches to put them back into their coma-like state where they can relax as they dream of the success that is just going to happen around them.

When they find it, they gorge.

They never really think to look at themselves as they grow fat and lethargic from all this consuming. They never realize that the reason that they are not getting anywhere is because they aren’t really moving, except to the next so called easiest meal.

We need to stop thinking that the key to getting ahead is a quick fix, when you choose to run an Online Business, you need to remember in the initial stages that it is still a business, there are still thing you need to implement and tasks that need to be done to start generating the traffic, to get the leads, to make the sales. Yes you will get to a stage where alot of it will take care of itself, but you still need to put the work in and be committed every day.

It’s alot like school, you need to pay the price day in and day out other wise you will never achieve true mastery of the subjects you study. Could you imagine how stupid it would be if there was no planning on a farm? if you forgot to plant in the spring, played all summer and then crammed in the fall to bring in the harvest. Business is just like a farm, its a system, and the price must be paid and the process followed.

Remember when you decide to start an Online Business that you will always reap what you sow.

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~ by Sam on May 7, 2012.

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