Be Patient and Believe in Online Business

We need to stop looking for a quick fix, there is no such thing.

Unfortunately Online Businesses have been tainted for a long time as “Get Rich Quick Schemes”, there are plenty of Gurus out there who will talk it up and tell you that you can make thousands of dollars instantly.

The Industry is becoming more regulated these days, which is great for the people wanting to get involved, there is more luck with finding great people who will point you down the right path and provide you with plenty of support and training while you put your plans into action.

Training and Action. Those are the keywords though. There is no long term business that will have you generating thousands of dollars without putting in effort.

Too many people get caught up in the sell, buy the products, send an email or two and then toss the product in the bin if it doesn’t yield instant results.

I think we need to remember that what you purchase whether it’s a product, training or advertising is an investment in your future. Just like planting a seed, you can’t expect to come out the next day and have a fully grown tree in its place; you must water it, tend to it, monitor it and give it time. Those that get frustrated and rip the seed up without giving it a chance to grow have basically put themselves into a situation of having to start all over again.

And this is a mistake people make all the time.

Lack of Patience.

You need to work on the foundation of your business first, a solid foundation means that when your Online Business does explode through traffic and Lead Generation (which it will) you will be prepared.

I think when you look at it over a lifetime, taking 90 days to build an Automated Online Business from Home which generates more money than you thought, with ongoing support, training and Mentors is a better option than constantly throwing money at Get Rich Quick Schemes, and really, when you think about it, what’s 90 days??

But you must be patient, you must make the most of every day and put in the effort, you must give to get, and you must BELIEVE that it’s all there waiting for you, which it is. You just have to come and get it.

I am amazed when I look back to when I left my job and took a chance, at how far I have come and the things that I have learnt, the people I have met and the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. But I put in effort; I committed to my future and held myself accountable.

Every day I work on my future, work on my Business, and work on myself and work with people who are committed to giving back to the world by allowing people to make their dreams a reality.



~ by Sam on May 10, 2012.

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