How to Avoid Everlasting Failure and Misery

Let me tell you about a strange phenomenon.

I don’t know who originally discovered it. But it explains why people who hate their jobs and are stuck commuting to and from work each day never escape their situations, even when opportunities are handed to them on a silver platter.

It’s called the “thermostat phenomenon.”

What’s that?

Well, right now, you are where you are because you’re internally comfortable there. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true whether
you realize it or not.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Of course you don’t WANT to be stuck in the rat race.

Who does?

But that doesn’t matter.

Right now, at this moment, this is where you’re comfortable.

And anything you do to get out of that “comfort zone” will result in self sabotage in one form or another. This is very common, by the way. It’s why you see overnight sensation movie stars, lottery winners and athletes blow millions of dollars and go right back to being broke and miserable.

They were not “ready” for the money. Not comfortable with it. And as a result, went back to where they ARE comfy.

That’s why it’s like a thermostat.

Set it at 70 degrees and when it gets too cold, the heat kicks in automatically. Your mind is the same way. It’s set wherever it is
now, and if you get too hot or cold (make less or more money suddenly) you’ll subconsciously do whatever it takes to get back to
the “temperature” that’s comfortable.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is a lot of us are getting uncomfortable with misery.

We know we are wanting to change the direction our lives are going. But that involves stepping outside of your comfort zone, doing things that your not familiar with, and taking what you think are risks, but are in actual fact opportunities.

Reading about stepping our of your comfort zone is never enough, its all well and good nodding your head and saying “yes yes I totally agree” but never doing anything. How will the situation change?

We have to surround ourselves with success, communicate with people that have already walked the path as are wanting to walk. Be open to support, whatever form it comes in, refuse to look fear in the eye and work on our Self Belief EVERY DAY.

I am so lucky with what I do, I have some of the best in the business only a phone call away. Initially reaching out to these people was terrifying, they were the big boys. But they were just people, who had to start somewhere too, and these are people who believe you must Give to Get, that the Government is unreliable, and that the only way for them to continue to grow and become more successful is to help others do the same thing and achieve all their Goals.

Pro U is not for everyone, I know that, but if your committed, enthusiastic and willing to work on being the best you can possibly be, you can’t fail.

So I will keep working on Changing my Thermostat and keep pushing myself out of my comfort zones forever, because there are always new possibilities and I want to be open and ready for all of them



~ by Sam on May 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “How to Avoid Everlasting Failure and Misery”

  1. “yes yes I agree” 😀 hahahahaha

    Nah, seriously, I do ! Whilst most people will recognise “fear of failure”.. there is another side that people may not realise exists – it’s fear of success. Some people couldn’t care less about failing – that won’t keep them up at night… instead they fear of what will happen when they’re successful.

    In the end, it’s all about our biggest pain point as humans: fear of the unknown. Lots of us rather be miserable with predictable lives than take those risks.

    You may be interested in one of my recent blog posts at

    • LOL I love it 🙂 your so right though, success can be terrifying as no one knows what to expect.Even if I only reach out to one person to take a risk I hope someone does 🙂 they may end up with more than they ever imagined.
      Will check your blog out 🙂

  2. […] How to Avoid Everlasting Failure and Misery ( […]

  3. Great post Sam! I’ve witnessed that bizarre self-imposed glass ceiling in my own life, it’s the strangest thing! I like to avoid overwhelm, so work in a way that allows flow and freedom, but sometimes that means sacrifice in other areas, I guess it is a form of sabotage now I think about it. As a result I am looking for greater ways to leverage my efforts, for a greater return, without compromising my desire for ease. It’s a constant ebb and flow of trying new things, keeping what works and discarding the rest. It’s wonderful that you have good mentors, that saves a lot of grief! I rely on 2 mastermind groups as my board of advisors, couldn’t do it with out them. Thanks for bringing into my awareness my need to avoid overwhelm that is possibly sabotaging my level of success. All the best Sam!

  4. Thanks for the re-minder to step it up! It’s something we hear about often, & forget about just as often, if not prompted. Even if we think we are doing better/more, this is, for me anyway, a timely nudge to continue the climb to the next goal in earnest. Thankyou xx Roni

    • Krishna and Roni, so glad you liked it and been able to take something away from this blog. Its always wonderful when you can make connections and help others as you help yourself. Team Support 🙂 Lets turn the Heat up!!!

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