5 Reasons Why a Website is like a Wine

The results that you will have in 1,5,10 or 20 years, are determined when your wine or your website are bottled or built.


1.       Get intoxicated with the Power of a Simple Website

One of the great things about wine is it’s really not a complicated drink, at the end of the day it’s just fermented grape. It’s simple and elegant, just as your Website should be.

Don’t make your Website more complicated than it needs to be, less is usually more, people come to your site for information on what you do and who you are, so don’t overwhelm them with  a crazy amount of information.

All websites have simple base components; make building your website the same as a vineyard would produce wine, with a recipe.


2.       Don’t Mix Reds with Whites

Keep your website relevant to your niche, if you have different products that you want to offer but they are not relevant to your page, build another one. Just like wine, it’s never a good idea to drink lots of different types in one sitting, it never ends well. Same thing with your website, stick with your specific niche, if you want to branch out into other areas, build another page and ad links, don’t have it all on the one, users won’t be able to find what they were initially looking for and they will leave your site with a headache they did not want.


3.       Don’t let your Wine sit Idly by

Don’t let your page go idle, too many people treat their Website like a static brochure. That may have worked 10 years ago, but these day’s people are looking for interaction, somewhere where they can comment, share and treat a page like a Hub. There’s nothing worse than a static Website, think about what happens when you uncork a bottle of wine and let it sit on the table, you get vinegar.


4.       Make sure your Website isn’t Corked

Content is key on a site, it’s what Google is going to be referring to when users are searching keywords. Just like little bits of cork falling into a wine bottle and turning it sour, you can’t just scatter clever keywords on your page that’s not totally relevant to your site, to generate traffic.

When people get to your page, if they don’t find the information they were initially searching for, they won’t hang around. And Google notices this, Google’s algorithm looks at how long people spend on pages, whether they click through to other parts of your site etc. If people get to your page and immediately navigate elsewhere your Search Ranking will drop and your website will be deemed as irrelevant. You will be deemed as ‘Off’ after leaving a sour taste in Searchers mouths.


5.       Be the Favourite

Target your key audience with your website, don’t try and go wide, go deep instead and become the most authoritive person in your niche. This way people will come back to you time and time again.

Like a Fine Bottle of Wine, you want to get better with age, remain reliable and become a favourite with your consumer. You want to be the only one they think of when it comes time to buy.

You don’t need to be the best wine in the world; you need to be the best wine in your niche.

Just like a good wine, a good Website will stand the test of time. A good wine will improve over time, and so should your website.

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~ by Sam on May 15, 2012.

One Response to “5 Reasons Why a Website is like a Wine”

  1. 5 fantastic tips Sam. I’m a big fan of keeping it simple, and this nails it. Interesting wine metaphor!

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