Is your Business a Reflection of Your Cooking??

Running a business is a lot like making your food from scratch.

If you want it to be amazing:

1. it takes time

2. you will need a recipe

3. it will take a few goes until you get it spot on.

4. when you are confident in the kitchen you will be ready to try and test new ideas, see what works and what doesn’t.

No one goes into a business knowing everything, just like your first time in the kitchen you would of had to get help. And that’s how you learn, by following other peoples examples, people that have been there done that and are the best.

I was terrible in the kitchen when I was younger, to the point that once I tried to make pizza and thought I would be clever and make the base from scratch. Horror! my family were spitting the food out, crying out and running round the house. No im not joking!

But to put it mildly it was so tragic, starving children in Africa would not of eaten it.

But, I did get better!

It took time but I got better.

And I think Business is the same, if you already knew it all you would be a Billionaire 5 times over and you would have people cueing up at your door for advice.

But we don’t, we need help, and that’s OK!

With Business we have to learn the ropes, we have to read lots and train lots and PRACTICE lots!

Practice Practice Practice, just like a recipe.

The only way you get better in the Kitchen and in Business, is to find a system/recipe you can follow, people you can ask for advice and rolling up your sleeves, picking up your tools and getting stuck right in

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~ by Sam on May 19, 2012.

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