If You’re 40 or More This is For YOU!

I get quite a lot of older people interested in what I do.
I think people realize that Superannuation/Social Security/Retirement funds are not what they used to be.
The pension no longer will suffice. The amount the Government offers would barely keep a dog alive, yet it’s meant to sustain our nearest and dearest.

Unfortunately the majority of people who are interested, refuse to find out any more about it, thinking that anything to do with the Internet and technology will be far too complicated for them.

It seems people develop an inferiority complex around the ago of 40 upwards, believing that they are ‘slipping’ because of their age. When funnily enough our most useful years (mentally and spiritually) are between 40 and 60.
They can find themselves speaking apologetically of themselves for being ‘old’ only because they have reached a certain age, instead of turning it around and expressing gratitude and thankfulness for reaching the age of wisdom and understanding.

Why kill off your initiative, imagination and self reliance just because you think you are too old to exercise these qualities you have?

You should be grateful for getting through your hellish teens and 20’s where your trying to get a footing in the world and find out who you are.
You should be happy you made it through your 30’s with your kids and all the ups and downs that brings.
By the time your 40+ you know who you are, you are happy with who you are, you know what you want out of life and you have the freedom and the time to make it a reality.
You have a clear picture in your head and a maturity and understanding you never had before.

This is the time to be embracing change, chasing your dreams and seizing every opportunity you can.

We need to eliminate the fear of old age by reaching a decision to accept it, not as a handicap, but as a great blessing which carries wisdom, self control and understanding not known to youth.


~ by Sam on May 21, 2012.

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