Does Your Mindset Hold You Back?

You know, I’m probably spending more time these days on Personal Development, than anything else.

It’s funny because I had heard people rave about these kinds of books, but honestly they were never me.
It all seemed a bit pointless, I couldn’t understand why anyone would waste there time on books like that, to me, the only way to get ahead was to work work work and focus intensely on my business.
And I always did just that, I worked really hard, would take off with a flying start and see amazing results, and then I would start questioning myself and my success and it would all implode around me.
And it imploded every time.
And secretly I knew why, it was because I self sabotaged EVERY time.
I would subconsciously start telling myself I didn’t deserve it and it couldn’t last, and every time I proved myself right.
Every single bloody time.
But I refused to admit that it was my own limiting self belief that was the problem.
Its easy to pretend something doesn’t exists when you refuse to vocalize it.
It took well over 5 years before I picked up a Personal Development book, and why did I pick it up? because my husband did!
I thought, ok, well my husband has pretty good judgement, he’s a smart guy, if I just go along and do it in support of him then it won’t really be for me.
Stupid stupid Pride.
So I picked up Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow house wealth
And I never looked back.
I totally immersed myself in the book, I did the exercises he recommended religiously, I read it for at least half an hour every day.
I copied passages out which rang true and stuck them up where I could see them.
I looked long and hard at myself and my weaknesses.
I addressed those said weaknesses.
I STILL AM addressing those said weaknesses!
But every day I committed to the book I became stronger and more confident, less fearful of my success and less likely to self sabotage.
Now Think and Grow Rich is my bible which I continually refer to, and it was the first of many books I went on to read.
Some books were a wee bit pointless, written by apparent big guns, but even still, there has always been at least one thing I have been able to take from each book and implement in my life.
And I’m not just talking about the business side of my life.
EVERY SINGLE aspect of my life has changed because these books address YOU as a whole.
The changes I made to myself changed every area of my life, FOR THE BETTER.
There really is a reason these books are best sellers, its not horse shit.
So below it a link to a collection of the all time greats, these are downloadable and audio books, so there really is no excuse not to listen to them.
We are all wanting to change our lives for the better and achieve our dreams, but I have learnt that that change has to start on the inside.
Download the books, DO the exercises and witness the biggest change in you as a person.
A change for the better, a change that will affect not only you but all those in your life.
A change that you and others will benefit from.
Sam 🙂

~ by Sam on May 23, 2012.

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