It’s been a long time…..

I feel so blessed that people still continue to re read my blogs when I have been a slack arse and backed off for quite some time.

I lost my motivation for blogging for a few months while I was taken on an unexpected journey.

Even with the best intentions life has a funny way of steering you in directions you never saw yourself. At the beginning (and usually at many periods along the way) this can seem scary, but even when you are second guessing yourself and questioning all you do, you tend to receive a little something that makes you carry on.

When I left my job and started working from home I had a general idea on how I wanted to do it, the kind of industry I wanted to be in and the kind of work I wanted to perform.

Totally changed.

But I do believe that it changed for the better, that instead of getting into an industry that has been around for a long time I have positioned myself in an emerging industry that people/businesses need.

And that’s the difference. Instead of finding clients they find me as I provide something that they need.

Though I believe I had to start where I did. I had to meet certain people to get the ball rolling to get me on the path I needed to be on to get me to this point.

But it just shows me the importance of being open to life and being open to all opportunities. And how when you have an open mind, an open heart and visualize not so much on what you want, but the person you want to be and the life you want to live, things will come along that will help you towards your goals, not in the way you probably expected them, but in a way that is perfect for you.





~ by Sam on December 10, 2012.

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