Is your Business a Reflection of Your Cooking??

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Running a business is a lot like making your food from scratch.

If you want it to be amazing:

1. it takes time

2. you will need a recipe

3. it will take a few goes until you get it spot on.

4. when you are confident in the kitchen you will be ready to try and test new ideas, see what works and what doesn’t.

No one goes into a business knowing everything, just like your first time in the kitchen you would of had to get help. And that’s how you learn, by following other peoples examples, people that have been there done that and are the best.

I was terrible in the kitchen when I was younger, to the point that once I tried to make pizza and thought I would be clever and make the base from scratch. Horror! my family were spitting the food out, crying out and running round the house. No im not joking!

But to put it mildly it was so tragic, starving children in Africa would not of eaten it.

But, I did get better!

It took time but I got better.

And I think Business is the same, if you already knew it all you would be a Billionaire 5 times over and you would have people cueing up at your door for advice.

But we don’t, we need help, and that’s OK!

With Business we have to learn the ropes, we have to read lots and train lots and PRACTICE lots!

Practice Practice Practice, just like a recipe.

The only way you get better in the Kitchen and in Business, is to find a system/recipe you can follow, people you can ask for advice and rolling up your sleeves, picking up your tools and getting stuck right in

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4 Reasons Why Your Commute is Killing You

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A lot of us commute, but I don’t think many of us are aware of the damage it can do to us, short and long term.


Sitting in a confined space for a long period of time has never been healthy and is in no way good for your neck, back and shoulders. Sedentary life harms physical capacity and overall health. Being less sedentary is key to good health and happiness in general. Too often, drivers will complain of a stiff neck and shoulders, lower back pain, a compression of the spine and tightness across the chest from holding onto the wheel. These are all things which can and will get worse over time and will cost a lot of money in physio/chiro/pilates/maybe surgery later down the track.


People who spend longer in their car shuttling themselves to and from work every day have worse cardiorespiratory fitness, BMIs, waist circumference, and blood pressure. Large commutes can result in spiked blood pressure from the general stress, and the time spent sitting in the car eats into recreational time, whether that would be going for a walk, going to the gym or just getting active. This in turn leads to less calories being burnt on a daily basis and the possibility of a thickening waistline.


Being stuck in a car makes it difficult to make good food choices, your options are limited if you’re on the road and if you’re really pushing on time, and you will find yourself hitting the drive thrus out of convenience and speed. What you may not realise is this food can cause Migraines because of the Nitrate and Artificial Sweeteners, Depression, because you’re not eating healthy food and getting the right antioxidants, Omega 3’s and Folate, Decrease Sex Drive because of the fatty food, and Food Addiction because high levels of fat and sugar can cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash, leading you to need even more in order to just maintain normalcy.


Commuting is a stress, it’s not enjoyable. Being stuck doing something every day that you don’t enjoy will eventually wear you down. It can make you irritable and tired, and by the time you get home you could find yourself unloading all your anger, frustration and tiredness on those closest to you. So not only are you unhappy in the car, you are now unhappy at home. And that’s meant to be your place of peace and solitude!

Stress within the home is never good, if you have kids they will pick up on this energy in the house, if you’re taking out your frustration on your partner, your relationship will slide downhill. If you stop communicating with one another your losing the foundation of your relationship, and the last thing you want is to drift apart and end up going your separate ways.

These are only 4 points, I’m sure there are many more. These are my most important, I used to commute, my husband still does, and I see the physical and mental stress he is under every single day. It makes me want to work harder to be able to relieve him of the burden of it one day. Because even though he deals with it as best as possible, I can see it wearing him down. And he deserves better than being stuck in a vehicle every day just to bring home the money to live on.

Things have gotta change, do they need to change for you too?

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Living Proof That There Is Another Way

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Sometimes I forget that it really hasn’t been that long since I started this.

It feel like it’s been many months, yet it hasn’t even been 3!

Every day there are new things to learn and new challenges to sink my teeth into, but I love every minute of it.

Not a day goes by where I don’t talk to my mentors about what I am doing, where I am going and what can get me there faster.

I feel so blessed to have found a system that is truly like a family, it’s like a win for one is a win for all.

As it stands for my second month in I am on target to make about US$9000 for the month, is it a fluke? I don’t think so; I work hard and spend a lot of time on targeting and statistics, the amount of traffic and leads I get builds every day from many different areas around the web, I’m passionate about what I do and I believe in it wholeheartedly,  which makes my members believe too.

I believe spending so much time on my Personal Development has allowed me to get as far as I have in not even 8 weeks, working on my self belief and self confidence every day, visualizing where I want to be by the end of the year and also taking advantage of the brilliant minds within the system allows me to push forward every day and aim higher than I had ever thought possible

I’m learning every day that Life will give me whatever I ask of it, as long as I ask! So I am asking BIG.

And why not? Why shouldn’t I be able to aim far beyond the stars.

It’s so hard though, because I know how many sceptics are out there, even friends and family instantly think I am in some Pyramid Scheme thing, but it’s not, it’s nothing of the sort. It’s more of a Franchise if you could put a name on it, it’s buying your own business and all the systems to run that business as successfully as possible. But more than that, it’s a Community, it’s amazing people willing to get on the phone with you no matter what time of the day or night, its people believing that you have the right to everything you want, its people at the top of their game wanting others to join them so we can all be the best together.

And who would say no to that? Who would turn down a hand up? Who would say no thanks, I don’t think having everything I want in life would work for me.

It’s so frustrating seeing people walk away from what could be the best thing of their life.

But, whatever, everyone has a path, all I can do it be here and be living proof that there is another way, and hope one day that people will finally reach that line in the sand where they say “enough is enough, I don’t want to live like this anymore, I’m calling Sam!”

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5 Reasons Why a Website is like a Wine

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The results that you will have in 1,5,10 or 20 years, are determined when your wine or your website are bottled or built.


1.       Get intoxicated with the Power of a Simple Website

One of the great things about wine is it’s really not a complicated drink, at the end of the day it’s just fermented grape. It’s simple and elegant, just as your Website should be.

Don’t make your Website more complicated than it needs to be, less is usually more, people come to your site for information on what you do and who you are, so don’t overwhelm them with  a crazy amount of information.

All websites have simple base components; make building your website the same as a vineyard would produce wine, with a recipe.


2.       Don’t Mix Reds with Whites

Keep your website relevant to your niche, if you have different products that you want to offer but they are not relevant to your page, build another one. Just like wine, it’s never a good idea to drink lots of different types in one sitting, it never ends well. Same thing with your website, stick with your specific niche, if you want to branch out into other areas, build another page and ad links, don’t have it all on the one, users won’t be able to find what they were initially looking for and they will leave your site with a headache they did not want.


3.       Don’t let your Wine sit Idly by

Don’t let your page go idle, too many people treat their Website like a static brochure. That may have worked 10 years ago, but these day’s people are looking for interaction, somewhere where they can comment, share and treat a page like a Hub. There’s nothing worse than a static Website, think about what happens when you uncork a bottle of wine and let it sit on the table, you get vinegar.


4.       Make sure your Website isn’t Corked

Content is key on a site, it’s what Google is going to be referring to when users are searching keywords. Just like little bits of cork falling into a wine bottle and turning it sour, you can’t just scatter clever keywords on your page that’s not totally relevant to your site, to generate traffic.

When people get to your page, if they don’t find the information they were initially searching for, they won’t hang around. And Google notices this, Google’s algorithm looks at how long people spend on pages, whether they click through to other parts of your site etc. If people get to your page and immediately navigate elsewhere your Search Ranking will drop and your website will be deemed as irrelevant. You will be deemed as ‘Off’ after leaving a sour taste in Searchers mouths.


5.       Be the Favourite

Target your key audience with your website, don’t try and go wide, go deep instead and become the most authoritive person in your niche. This way people will come back to you time and time again.

Like a Fine Bottle of Wine, you want to get better with age, remain reliable and become a favourite with your consumer. You want to be the only one they think of when it comes time to buy.

You don’t need to be the best wine in the world; you need to be the best wine in your niche.

Just like a good wine, a good Website will stand the test of time. A good wine will improve over time, and so should your website.

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Why Opinions Can Tear You Down

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Lack of decision, is one of the biggest reasons people fail at what they are doing.

That, and the opinions of others.

Most people, who fail to accumulate the life they want, are generally easily influenced by the ‘opinion’ of others. They permit the newspapers and the gossiping neighbours to do their thinking for them.

Opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth, everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be shared with anyone who will accept them, some can be extremely helpful, others not so much.

If you are easily influenced by others opinions on your decisions, you are less likely to make them a reality, and because of this, much less likely to ever have a Desire of your house wealth

Sometimes, close friends and relatives, without meaning to, often handicap the people closest to them, by offering opinions, sometimes through sarcasm which is meant to be humorous. It’s obviously never done in a nasty way but there are thousands of men and woman around the world that suffer from inferiority complexes, all because some well-meaning (but ignorant) person destroyed their confidence with their opinions or ridicule.

It’s a hard thing to change your circle, but the old saying “You are who you hang with” is very true, if your associating with people that prefer to tear you down instead of lift you up, how will you ever succeed?

If you want to be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best, or people that want to be their best selves also. You can’t allow cynicism and snarkiness into what you are doing, you will be less likely to follow through with your decisions and change your future for the better.

We have a brain and mind of our own, so we must use them, we must reach our own decisions. If there is information you need and answers you seek, search for yourself or ask your Mentors, people who have already walked the path and are more knowledgeable than you.

It’s typical of people, who have little understanding in a subject, to try and give the impression that they know everything; these people talk too much and listen to little. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason; by listening to people more knowledgeable than us we are giving ourselves the chance to make informed decisions.

And by making informed decisions, surrounding ourselves with the best of the best and leaving behind the narky opinionated ‘friends’, we will have better luck climbing the Mountain of Success as we will be using the right tools to get to the top.






How to Avoid Everlasting Failure and Misery

•May 12, 2012 • 6 Comments

Let me tell you about a strange phenomenon.

I don’t know who originally discovered it. But it explains why people who hate their jobs and are stuck commuting to and from work each day never escape their situations, even when opportunities are handed to them on a silver platter.

It’s called the “thermostat phenomenon.”

What’s that?

Well, right now, you are where you are because you’re internally comfortable there. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true whether
you realize it or not.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Of course you don’t WANT to be stuck in the rat race.

Who does?

But that doesn’t matter.

Right now, at this moment, this is where you’re comfortable.

And anything you do to get out of that “comfort zone” will result in self sabotage in one form or another. This is very common, by the way. It’s why you see overnight sensation movie stars, lottery winners and athletes blow millions of dollars and go right back to being broke and miserable.

They were not “ready” for the money. Not comfortable with it. And as a result, went back to where they ARE comfy.

That’s why it’s like a thermostat.

Set it at 70 degrees and when it gets too cold, the heat kicks in automatically. Your mind is the same way. It’s set wherever it is
now, and if you get too hot or cold (make less or more money suddenly) you’ll subconsciously do whatever it takes to get back to
the “temperature” that’s comfortable.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is a lot of us are getting uncomfortable with misery.

We know we are wanting to change the direction our lives are going. But that involves stepping outside of your comfort zone, doing things that your not familiar with, and taking what you think are risks, but are in actual fact opportunities.

Reading about stepping our of your comfort zone is never enough, its all well and good nodding your head and saying “yes yes I totally agree” but never doing anything. How will the situation change?

We have to surround ourselves with success, communicate with people that have already walked the path as are wanting to walk. Be open to support, whatever form it comes in, refuse to look fear in the eye and work on our Self Belief EVERY DAY.

I am so lucky with what I do, I have some of the best in the business only a phone call away. Initially reaching out to these people was terrifying, they were the big boys. But they were just people, who had to start somewhere too, and these are people who believe you must Give to Get, that the Government is unreliable, and that the only way for them to continue to grow and become more successful is to help others do the same thing and achieve all their Goals.

Pro U is not for everyone, I know that, but if your committed, enthusiastic and willing to work on being the best you can possibly be, you can’t fail.

So I will keep working on Changing my Thermostat and keep pushing myself out of my comfort zones forever, because there are always new possibilities and I want to be open and ready for all of them


Be Patient and Believe in Online Business

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We need to stop looking for a quick fix, there is no such thing.

Unfortunately Online Businesses have been tainted for a long time as “Get Rich Quick Schemes”, there are plenty of Gurus out there who will talk it up and tell you that you can make thousands of dollars instantly.

The Industry is becoming more regulated these days, which is great for the people wanting to get involved, there is more luck with finding great people who will point you down the right path and provide you with plenty of support and training while you put your plans into action.

Training and Action. Those are the keywords though. There is no long term business that will have you generating thousands of dollars without putting in effort.

Too many people get caught up in the sell, buy the products, send an email or two and then toss the product in the bin if it doesn’t yield instant results.

I think we need to remember that what you purchase whether it’s a product, training or advertising is an investment in your future. Just like planting a seed, you can’t expect to come out the next day and have a fully grown tree in its place; you must water it, tend to it, monitor it and give it time. Those that get frustrated and rip the seed up without giving it a chance to grow have basically put themselves into a situation of having to start all over again.

And this is a mistake people make all the time.

Lack of Patience.

You need to work on the foundation of your business first, a solid foundation means that when your Online Business does explode through traffic and Lead Generation (which it will) you will be prepared.

I think when you look at it over a lifetime, taking 90 days to build an Automated Online Business from Home which generates more money than you thought, with ongoing support, training and Mentors is a better option than constantly throwing money at Get Rich Quick Schemes, and really, when you think about it, what’s 90 days??

But you must be patient, you must make the most of every day and put in the effort, you must give to get, and you must BELIEVE that it’s all there waiting for you, which it is. You just have to come and get it.

I am amazed when I look back to when I left my job and took a chance, at how far I have come and the things that I have learnt, the people I have met and the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. But I put in effort; I committed to my future and held myself accountable.

Every day I work on my future, work on my Business, and work on myself and work with people who are committed to giving back to the world by allowing people to make their dreams a reality.